Talion GraveWalker, My Favorite Game Character Ever

Talion, ranger from black gate, which has already been taken by the dark lord himself, whose throat was cut by the black hand of Sauron, saved by Celebrimbor, the finest smith of the second age, the crafter of the nineteen power rings and the dark lord’s fate enemy, and made a deal with the him when he had only one breath hold in his chest.

Bringing destruction to Sauron and his army seems to be the same destination of both Talion and Celebrimbor. In the Game Vol_1, the Elf Lord’s without physical form and the ranger’body made perfect teamwork. Instead of building an army to charge the dark lord, they dominated an orc army and turned that army against Sauron. At the end of the vol_one story, Celebrimbor has found all his lost memories by restoring the crowns and hammer that he had lost in the second age. By combining the elf skills and ranger skills, Talion, the last ranger of blackgate, killed those servants of Sauron who murdered his family members. 

After slaughtering the sidekicks of their true enemy, Talion and his elf friend involved into the siege of Minas Ithil. Dominating siege beasts and the captains of orc army aid the defense of the last human fortress in Mordor directly. The witch king of Angmar, the leader of the nine, however, still presented the fortress to Sauron as a gift. Shelob, the giant spider of middle earth, reviewed the future of Talion and the true purpose of Celebrimbor, which was dominating Sauron like what he did to those orc captains and replacing the dark lord with another-the bright lord, himself. At the end of the story, Talion and Celebrimbor defeated the nine and dominated Isildur, which had been the king of man before Aragorn. Talion killed Isildur’s after he had been dominated by Celebrimbor and let him free. 


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